in a world of my own

Happy Earth Day! I thought it was a fitting day to post these photos my dear friend Sara and I took last weekend while I was visiting her down in Monmouth. We drove through the back roads of town in the early evening, marveling at the scenery and looking for pretty places to explore. There are so many fields and wide open spaces you can look on for miles and miles- a perfect place for a claustrophobic such as myself. We eventually stopped at a small park, unpacked my cameras and took these photos among the thousands of daisies. I couldn't help but feel like I had entered the opening sequence/song of Disney's Alice In Wonderland (with a little Lux Lisbon vibes thrown in for good measure.)

Photos of me taken by Sara with my Nikon D90
Photos of Sara taken by me with my trusty Pentax. :) 


  1. Nice:)) x

  2. This definitely looks like the opening scene of Alice in Wonderland. How lucky you are to live near such a lovely place. These pictures came out so pretty :)

  3. For some reason - before I read your post - I thought the title was referring to the Seekers' song, A World of Our Own.

    So many beautiful daisies! I want to go to there. :-)

  4. So dreamy! The nature scenes and dreamy background reminds me of the A Midsummer's Night Dream setting for some reason.